Bordern Mite

Christies Rancagoune Auction Jan 20 Lot 300
A approx. 14" x 6.5", w Dooling 29 Glow and spur drive to front wheels. Christies dates circa 1946-7.
Has nicely machined bridle attachment w bridle. Interesting fuel valve and has electric socket to connect to glow heater from outside.


Here is a pic of JL's Borden Mite: Borden Teardrop


2016: info from JL

From: JL
Sunday, April 17, 2016 2:35 PM
To: Ron Bernstein <>
Subject: your Dooling .29 Borden Mite

I have been tracking down the history of my Borden Mite which was originally owned by S/Sgt Joe Shelton.  Interestingly, Joe was in the Air Force and was stationed in England for part of the time when he raced the Borden Mite and I have found a fair amount of information about him and the car from several issues of an old English hobby magazine. 

In tracking down the history of my car, I found that there were several other Dooling .29 powered Borden Mites in Italy and possibly one other in England. 

This surprised me since I just never gave much thought to the possibility that these cars might have been raced outside the United States.  But, the .29-class (i.e. 5 cc class in Europe) was more popular in Europe at that  point in time than it was in the US, so I probably should not have been too surprised to find that the cars raced (and dominated the 5cc class for a time) on British and European tracks.
Nonetheless, these cars are rare...or, at least, original examples are quite rare.  I know of only two cars (yours and mine) that I would swear are original cars, but there may be one or two others that I don't know about.
Take care.