Marsuan HO Slot Cars

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Marusan History ...links to a current website (as of June 2009 and unaffiliated with with good history and timeline but
nothing about slot cars. History notes that San-Marusan dissolved in 1968, but two new companies were reorganized; Marusan and Bullmark. Bullmark also made some slot car items...

1961 arrangement with Atlas to provide them slot car parts such as track, controllers, and chassis's. Atlas also provided body styles for Marusan to market in Japan and New Zealand

Chassis development:

-Chassis can be seen in various shades of grey
-1st version: no tension pick up springs
-2nd version with tension pick up springs--says "NEW" on bottom

Sets Click this link to visit some of the unique marusan slot car sets...

Cars click this link to see pictures of some of the Marusan body styles

Atlas Styles click this link to see pictures of Marusan branded cars that were licensed from Atlas Model Motoring

Eldon Styles click this link to see pictures of the Eldon borrowings...

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